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Screen Printing

What is Screen Printing?

Mesh screens are created using the customer’s design and generally involves one screen being made per colour in any given design. The majority of the setup cost and time is spent taking the design and making it into screens. Once they are made, it’s time to apply ink to the screens and start the printing. Ink is then pushed through the screens, one colour at a time, to recreate the design onto a garment. The whole process is done by hand and is one of the oldest forms of printing. Full colour designs can be applied to garments very effectively using this technique.


Hardwearing, with long lasting wash resistance.
Retail quality prints – very fine detail can be achieved.
One colour to full colour designs with sharp and vibrant finish.
Can be used for any design on pretty much any garment.
Recommended for bulk orders – screen printing becomes more cost-effective the more you print the same design in any one print run.


This print method is priced depending on how many colours are involved in your design and also how many garments you want printing at any one time. A screen set-up cost is charged per colour within your design the first time you order.

When is it used?

Screen printing is used when you are looking for a high quality, durable finish using inks that are printed directly onto the garment. Screen prints tend to start for orders of 20 or more garments upwards.


What is the embroidery process?

We start by taking your design and converting it into an embroidery file (generally a .DST file). This file is used on our embroidery machine to tell the machine how many stitches to place and where to stitch them to replicate your logo or design.


Great finish.
Very durable.
Cost is dependent on the size of the design and number of stitches.
Once the set-up disk has been created, it can be used again and again for subsequent orders at no extra cost.

When is it used?

We usually use embroidery for stitching company logos onto staff uniforms and work wear, especially polos which, due to the texture of the fabric, are better embroidered than printed in many cases unless you use cad cut vinyl.

We can embroider virtually any type of garment.

Orders can be done from one item to thousands. Unlike many embroidery companies we have a minimum order volume but the more you order the lower the price per item becomes.

CAD Cut Vinyl

What is the CAD cut vinyl process?

We start by taking your design and converting it into an outline design (Vector Graphic). We then use the outline design and cut out your design using a digital cutter (we use one of the best in the market by Roland)


One off cost effective designs are possible
Ideal for single colour small volume orders
Ideal for individual names and numbers
Cost is dependent on the size of the design and quantity required

When is it used?

Vinyl is generally used for sportswear and orders under 20 or individual names on sportswear and hen and stag t shirts and hoodies.

Full Colour Clothing Transfers

What is the full colour clothing transfer process?

We start by taking your design and creating a high quality print file with a keyline around the design to allow for digital cutting.

We only use the highest quality and thin feel transfers to ensure your design looks at its best.


Full colour
High quality and good durability
Thin feel
Cost effective low volume full colour designs

When is it used?

The majority of our orders for full colour transfers are for brands or sports clubs wanting low volume full colour designs printing onto clothing of any type along with hen and stag do groups wanting full colour photos on to hoodies, t shirts and vests.

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